For years, I have collected candles and would spend time at a store, smelling different candle fragrances...ahhh, the simple joy candles give me. I know if you are here shopping for candles, you know exactly what I mean! Carrying a handful of candles, my husband asked me why have I not thought of making my own since I love candles so much. The next day, I ordered my first candle making kit. I learned about the types of candle waxes, fragrances and other ingredients added in candles, and that candles are not made equally and not all candles are good for your health. Since I am also asthmatic, learning more about the health side of it convinced me more to make my own candles. 

Initially, I was making candles for my personal use, and so I care so much about the ingredients that I put in my candles. Our candles are natural clean burning scented candles that are carefully hand-poured and hand-blended in small batches. We create candles with environmentally safe ingredients, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and paraffin-free. Made from 100% pure soy wax from soybeans that are grown in the USA, that has been tested using PCR test method (the industry standard used to verify non-GMO claims), and qualitative test results have shown that GMO's are "not detected" on this wax; lead free, coreless, cotton flat braid wick with paper core wound into the wick; and premium phthalate-free fragrances, some blended with pure essential oils. All ingredients sourced and passed USA standards. Additives and enhancers free, no colorants and petrochemicals added. From personal use, turned into a hobby, now we are a family owned small business dedicated to giving you quality candles since 2019.

Burning candles has been a part of my yoga practice at home because of the peaceful ambiance it gives me. One of the senses most of us don’t think about too often in yoga classes is our sense of smell. Candles have long been a part of healing and restorative practices. Including them in a meditative setting only seems natural, adding an extra layer of focus to your yoga routine. Focused more on the body–the breath moving in, filling your lungs, and going back out, as we listen more to our breathing or maybe soft music and our teacher’s voice, the calming effects of candles help relax both my mind and body, allowing for deeper stretches and better concentration. I also find that sitting quietly or lying down in a candle-lit room is a great way to unwind after an intense workout. The premium fragrances in my collection will help set your mood as you practice your yoga at home or in your studio.

Your Chandler,